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If you are a youth in God’s true church, YOU have a head start on every other young person on the planet because you hopefully already have an understanding of the blessings and the peace that comes by obeying the word of God. These elements of success play an important part in living a joyful, fulfilling life.

Think about your life! Which direction are you going? Is God a part of your life or He is out of the picture? If He is, make an effort to transform your mind, thoughts, and lifestyle to God’s way. In other words, BE A TRANSFORMER!

Being born into God’s Church is one of the greatest opportunities ANYONE could ever receive in this lifetime. But ask yourself these questions: Is my heart in it?

Have you ever wondered what the Universe is made of? What are you made of? Are they the same thing? Is everything made of the same stuff?

These are people who don’t believe it is possible to know for sure that God exists. Of course, many others practice religion and some like the Hindus for example, believe that there are millions of gods. What is the Truth? Who and what is God?

It’s time to put your detective wear on again, grab your magnifying glass and spectacles, and narrow down the search even further! In this article, we will discuss the need for you to delve deeper into Church of God History, Church Government, and discern spiritual fruit.

By simply asking these three questions – and coming to the right Biblical and historical conclusions, you can KNOW and KNOW THAT YOU KNOW where God’s true Church is today!

It’s true, holidays can be fun, but when we compare them to all that the Holy Days offer, it becomes easy to see that they are a cheap copy that fall short of what the Feast and the Holy Days have to offer. When we are able to see this difference, God can bless us so much more and we will never want to stop keeping them.

If we are filled with worry, fear or uncertainty when facing any impossible situation, we should remember this story of David versus Goliath. God is preparing everyone whom He has sanctified to prevail in all circumstances.

Sport is an exhilarating activity with many physical and spiritual lessons to apply in our everyday lives!

Understand the benefits of growing up with a village lifestyle as our fellow youth keep God’s Way of life in the Pacific Islands!

Avengers aren’t just fictional superhero characters… the Bible talks about who is worthy to be an Avenger!

The Church of God helpfully focuses on four big actions we can take to draw close to God: Christians can pray, study their Bibles, fast, and meditate.

Exercise is a vital key to having a healthy life. Do you understand the importance of physical and spiritual exercise?

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Explore the exciting world of God’s handiwork through the eyes of His youth!

Watch fun-filled and interactive animations as you explore the Bible’s perfect teachings!

Explore the exciting world of God’s Creation and how science agrees with the Bible!

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