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by Adam Jennings

What would you consider to be the most crucial and important organ in the body? Perhaps you could say our lungs? Without them we couldn’t breathe, as they transport oxygen and remove excess carbon dioxide.

Perhaps our stomach? Our stomach plays such a vital role in which food is stored and mixed with enzymes, then passes through the small intestine while nutrients are then distributed throughout the body. God’s creation is truly amazing.

However, there is one organ that is of greater importance to God. One that He is very concerned about, more than our lungs and even stomach.
We read in 2 Chronicles 25:2 that King Amaziah lost God’s favour because, “he did what was right in the sight of the Lord, yet not with a loyal heart.” I found this very interesting.

The last six words in this verse struck me- the part about his heart! The King James version says “a perfect heart”, and the New English Version renders this verse “but not wholeheartedly”.

How often in life do we do things without a loyal heart or not whole heartedly? In other words, we might approach things very casually or with a nonchalant attitude – without real concern or even a feeling of disinterest. If we are not careful we can grow in this attitude towards God, the Church and even each other!


As a young man, I remember going to church because my parents said so – and fair enough. As youths we need to listen to our parents and do what they say, this is a command from God (Exodus 20:12). I remember thinking of how important it was to be in God’s Church and learn about God and His ways. But I also remember thinking about other things while I was sitting in Church. Who I was going to hang out with after Church? What were my friends doing later that night? What levels I would complete on my new video game after sunset? I was daydreaming and my heart was not focused or switched on to the subject at hand. Quite frankly, my heart was not where it should have been. My heart was NOT in God’s Church.

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’ll have plenty of time to get my heart ‘right’ later”. Sooner or later we need to ask ourselves the honest question: “Is my heart in it?” Being born into God’s Church is one of the greatest opportunities ANYONE could ever receive in this lifetime. But ask yourself these questions: Is my heart in it? Do I WANT to come to Church? Do I NEED to come to Church? Am I committed to coming to Church? The answer to all of these questions is hopefully a resounding: YES!

Satan will try to undermine your determination by providing a method of distraction – especially suited to you! And why? Because Satan does not want your heart in the Living Church of God. He wants it focused anywhere else.

So what do we do to ensure that our hearts are loyal? How do we start preparing now, so that later we know our hearts are in it?

  1. Make sure you regularly attend Church on the Sabbath. This is something that Paul told all the brethren in Hebrews 10:25.

  2. Learn the 10 commandments. Know them backwards, because as you get older, you will realise how important God’s law is, having built on a solid foundation. Go and read what is written in Deuteronomy 6:6.

  3. Do your prayer and Bible study. Perhaps even make your Bible study a time to go through a Tomorrow’s World magazine to start off, then delve deeper into God’s word in time.

Who would have thought that the heart, a very important organ that God gave all of us, could be considered in the way of Truth, loyalty and commitment to God (2 Chronicles 16:9).

Ask yourselves the question: Is your heart in it?

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