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Donation Information:

All contributions are gratefully acknowledged. You can donate via direct bank transfer to the Foundation’s account. The details are below:


Name: Living Church of God Foundation

Bank Location (Country): Thailand

Bank Location (City): Mae Sot, Tak

Bank Name: Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limi


Account Number/IBAN: 989-960-732-0

Transaction Currency: THB


Donations can also be made to your local church account, however, it is important to state in the transfer what the donation is for.


Foundation Information:

The Living Church of God Thai Foundation seeks to support society and help local communities experiencing poverty and hardship. It is another arm where the Church can be a good example to the broader community in addition to preaching the gospel. Currently, the Foundation is supporting local schools in the Tak province of Thailand. This has enabled impoverished school students to access much needed school supplies and also food items for their families. Far too often children in these areas are going to school without the necessary school items. Therefore, by supplying stationery supplies, this opens up a greater quality of education for these students. In addition to the provision of school supplies, the Living Church of God Thai Foundation has recently formed a working relationship with the Maeku Municipality School, where volunteers will be able to assist English Thai teachers in the delivery of their classes. This will help students develop greater confidence in the English language and open up additional career pathways. These efforts come under the “Education Project” of the Foundation.

Organised or sustainable agriculture is not well established among the poorer populations within Thailand. The Foundation is also seeking to explore the development of an “Agricultural Project” in the community. We anticipate establishing a gardening scheme where members of the public can learn sustainable agricultural/gardening skills, whilst developing a broader sense of community awareness. Local residents will be able to share in the planting, caretaking and harvesting of the produce. As this project is still in the developmental stage, we hope, in the future, to open up an opportunity for volunteers to participate in this project.