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Our Myanmar brethren, in addition to COVID-19, have been courageously dealing with the ongoing challenges of internal conflicts and civil war within the country. Some have even hidden themselves in jungle areas to avoid confrontation and potental conscription into the military. Despite this, members in Thailand & Myanmar were still able to rejoice together – some in person and others online – in keeping the Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day. Twenty Thai members had the privilege of observing God’s Feasts at Tak Andaman Hotel & Resort situated in the Mueang Tak area—a district in lower northern Thailand; while a number of other brethren from Singapore, Myanmar and even the USA tuned in to services via the online livestream. Although the death of Mr Thomas Tial Hoe has undoubtedly left a big hole for our brethren up in the Chin State, God blessed us with the ability to deliver the spiritual food each day in three different languages – Karen, Thai and Burmese – which greatly aided our diverse members scattered across the region. Feast messages focused on Godly character, the importance of families to society, and the wonderful gift of God’s Festivals to humanity. Many brethren remarked that the messages provided a deeper level of spiritual understanding, and that they felt moved and motivated to make important life changes, which has been exciting to see. Despite the tests and trials many of our brethren faced – and continue to face – we are grateful to God for blessing us with such a positive and spiritually motivating Feast. We would appreciate everyone’s prayers for His continued protection and guidance. – Htoowah Laybeh


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The Living Church of God Thai Foundation seeks to support society and
help local communities experiencing poverty and hardship.