US Trip Nov 2019 Report


US Trip Nov 2019 Report

Greetings from Washington State, USA,

I do hope you are all well and fully recovered from the busy Holy Day season. As Mr Weston mentions in his update this Sabbath, it really does appear this year was one of the most inspiring and blessed Feasts we’ve experienced for many years. They just seem to keep getting better every year! I do want to thank everyone for all the work you put into your messages at the Feast and to especially thank the coordinators for many months of work leading up to the Feast. It’s truly a team effort but thank you all.

The Council of Elders this week was a great success. Mr Weston and the council members are all doing well. Everyone is busy and the Work of God continues to grow under Mr Weston’s leadership. The income for the Church as a whole is up and so is Church attendance. We can be confident that LCG is having an impact on the world and continues to be the last remaining stronghold of the Truth. We must hold on to the truth once delivered and we must continue to teach as we have been taught. If we stick to the trunk of the tree and not go after side issues and new ideas, then we will be safe. I’ve seen too many men look for new ideas (old ones really) trying to be clever but it usually ends in confusion and deception over basic fundamental doctrines. So, let’s remember to stick to what we know and stick to what the Church teaches.  

Please continue to pray for our brethren affected by the earthquake in Mindanao, Philippines which struck during and after the Feast of Tabernacles. Families have been affected to varying degrees and one family was not able to go back to their home due to the extent of the damage. We are assessing the needs and hope to provide assistance when we know more.

Australia – Drought and Fire
Meanwhile the conditions in Australia continue to get worse with drought and fires especially in NSW and QLD. The headline, “Unprecedented Bushfires rip through Australia’s NSW” from CNN reports, “A series of ‘unprecedented’ bushfires are raging through Australia’s southeastern state of New South Wales, with more than 1,000 firefighters battling 17 emergency-level blazes and strong winds expected into the night.

Mr Graeme Hemphill, our Sydney Pastor, made these comments.

I have just been reminded of the terrible fire conditions raging along the Nth NSW coastal areas. Please pray to God to grant a change of weather and rain as the situation is dire. While we do have Church of God members in that area, we also need to be praying for the general population as well. The loss of life and property is devastating to any community. I have lived in fire prone areas and have literally seen whole townships wiped out . It can be likened to a war zone ( I have witnessed both). Also, please keep in your prayers the towns and villages that are in peril of running out of water. Places like Dubbo, a substantial township on the western plains (one of many townships) are in very real danger of having no water if it doesn’t rain in the next couple of months.

As you all know, Bible prophecy clearly shows God will allow various environmental disasters to weaken and humble our sinful and rebellious nations. However, we still need to have compassion and care for those who are suffering loss of property and livelihood – but there must be repentance for God to intervene. The drought and fires should serve as a reminder of how desperately this world needs Christ to come quickly. Difficult times are coming and we need to explain to the brethren why these things are happening – SIN – but also give hope that it will be better in the coming Kingdom of God.

Please also keep in your prayers our recent bid for a new air time of Tomorrow’s World on NZTV2 in New Zealand. We’re hoping that with a new day and at a better time our weekly responses will begin to increase. Mr Michael Gill is also negotiating with TV3 in Samoa for a suitable time to begin airing the program. This will be our first opportunity to air Tomorrow’s World in Samoa and we are very excited by the opportunity to expand the work deeper into the Pacific. Samoa is located 2,878km northeast of Auckland, New Zealand.

Ministerial Transfer
As many of you know, Mr and Mrs Gill are transferring to Canberra to pastor our growing group in that area. The Gills need to sell their house in Adelaide so please keep them in your prayers that they may have a buyer for their house soon.

Leman Family
Please keep Mr and Mrs Tony Leman in your prayers too. Faith Leman is carrying twins and is due any day. I’m sure they would appreciate your prayers.

I will be arriving back in Australia on Friday next week.  We have much to do and a busy year ahead. Thank you again for your support and prayers and for taking good care of God’s people.

Hope you all have a peaceful and profitable Sabbath.

Robert Tyler (Australasian Regional Director)