Regional Director’s Update – Spring


Regional Director’s Update – Spring

It is always challenging to write these greetings because so much is happening in the Work of God.

Recently I returned home from a very profitable and uplifting trip to New Zealand. It was a great pleasure to observe the Sabbath with our new and growing group in Hamilton. We recently held a Tomorrow’s World Presentation (TWP) in Hamilton and on the Sabbath I had the privilege to meet a number of new members now attending as a result of the presentation and follow-up Bible Studies. The next day, Mr and Mrs Paul Kearns and I flew from Auckland to Christchurch, quickly collected our hire car and drove directly to the venue (no time for lunch) for a TWP in the heart of the city. We made it just in time! A lively group of 46 guests attended the meeting who appeared appreciative of the open and direct approach we provided on various domestic, international and biblical topics.

We flew down to Queenstown, visited some of our scattered members and then began our annual singles trip. The South Island of New Zealand in the winter is like being in the Swiss Alps. Snow, majestic mountains, icy rivers and crisp clean air – absolutely stunning! If you are single, then may I make a suggestion? Don’t miss next year’s singles trip! The following Sunday, Mr Kearns spoke on “The Holy Days and You” with an audience of 31 guests and 19 members. It will be interesting to see what fruit is born of our efforts in the coming weeks and months. I can scarcely believe that, as I write, there are only seven weeks to the Feast of Trumpets. For God’s people it’s a busy time as we prepare both physically and spiritually to observe God’s annual latter harvest festivals. Of course, as you know, the physical harvest seasons in Palestine picture God’s plan for mankind and the spiritual harvests that will soon take place. What a special privilege it is to be called at this time, and to prepare to be in the early harvest as firstfruits in the coming Kingdom of God.

Many of us will be travelling to various destinations around the world to keep the Feast, so please keep each other in your prayers. We also have quite a few ministers travelling internationally too. Mr Graeme Hemphill will be keeping the Feast in Papua New Guinea while Mr and Mrs Dave Edwards will be in New Zealand. I will spend the first half of the Feast in Victor Harbor, SA and then travel to Phuket, Thailand for the second half. We have a few special international ministers visiting the region as well. Mr Rod McNair and his family will be keeping the feast in Baguio, Philippines. Mr and Mrs Barry Walker are scheduled to keep the first half in New Zealand and the remainder in Victor Harbor. Mr and Mrs Jason Fritz will be in Ballina, NSW and Mr and Mrs Dexter Wakefield will observe the Feast with our brethren in Goa, India. We also have Mr Craig Bemis in Vanuatu, and Mr Gaylyn Bonjour in Phuket, Thailand. Please keep all these men, their wives and families in your prayers.

Finally, brethren, thank you for your continued prayers and support. I’ve had updates from the ministry all around the region and it’s so inspiring to know that God is blessing us and answering our prayers. While some doors are opening, others have closed, but this is the Work of Jesus Christ and we look to Him to guide us in all things. Let’s not grow weary while doing good and endeavour to stay vigilant, for Satan is always active. If you are going through a personal trial, be comforted in the knowledge that God promises He will never leave us nor forsake us – when we do our part. Let’s make sure that we continue to fight the good fight, for our crown is waiting. May we all endure to the very end.

Yours Sincerely,

Robert Tyler (Australasian Regional Director)