Sep – Dec 2023 Update

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Sep – Dec 2023 Update

Greetings From Clarendon 

As I write this letter, 2023 is now well and truly in the rear vision mirror. For some, you may have experienced trials, others perhaps had wonderful blessings. No doubt, we all watched with concern as our world and society continued slipping further into chaos. As was recently observed, the world is facing more uncertainty than any time since World War 2. That said, we must never let the distractions and trials of life cause us to forget this important point – God’s people have been called to come out of this world and have become citizens of another Kingdom, the Kingdom of God. I pray that we never grow weary, nor lose sight of this special privilege God is giving each and every one of us!

As we enter 2024, it is important that we don’t lose our momentum. Already, I have been working closely with our Regional Pastors and we are planning for a busy year ahead – visiting congregations, festival planning, ministerial conferences, advanced training for our local leaders and much more. In Australia we commenced airing on a new TV station, 9GEM, at the prime time of Saturday morning at 8:30am. We are also in negotiation with TV5 in the Philippines and hope to have Tomorrow’s World airing across the country soon. Our digital marketing efforts continue to advance and we are investing more funds into social media than ever before. We are now seeing more consistent Facebook responses averaging around 600 individual requests for literature around the region most weeks. Here are some of our current subscriber figures in selected countries.

  • Australia = 10,003
  • New Zealand = 4848
  • Malaysia = 1374
  • Philippines = 3121
  • Indonesia = 702
  • Thailand = 307
  • Fiji = 1294

This year we plan to hold TWPs in the Philippines, New Zealand, Malaysia and Australia. Our first TWP will be in Tasmania on the 24th of February, then in Adelaide in April. The TWPs are an important way we can connect with our subscribers, introduce ourselves and answer many of their questions. God may be calling some into the Church, others He might call to be co-workers and others might just be given a witness. Regardless of which category individuals may fall into, with your help and prayers, we will continue to do our part and go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. I am so excited to see God blessing His Church in so many ways!

I just want to close by encouraging everyone to set a few spiritual goals this year. Many of us have taken a few online Living Education classes, but if you have not or perhaps have not done one for a while – why not enrol? Perhaps you are interested in the Life Ministry and Teachings of Jesus, a class that covers the Passover, or learn more about Germany in Prophecy. What better way to deepen your understand of how the future Beast Power will gain world dominance. These are a few options and are valuable resources which will give you additional study material and expand your understanding of prophecy, the early Church and God’s plan for mankind.

Alternatively, you might like to study one book of the Bible at a time. Personally, I am currently reading the Book of Acts and my wife has begun reading Joshua….and if you really want to challenge yourself, you might even try writing out the book as you go!

Regardless of our method, we can all please our Great God by growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, developing His Holy righteous character and by striving to be true ambassadors for Christ in all that we do, say and think.

In Christ’s Service,

Robert Tyler
Regional Director