Works of His Hands 2

Many scientists believe that Mars—currently a sterile, cold, lifeless world—was once warmer, with liquid water on its surface. The fact that it may have been a friendlier environment in the past gives some hope that it could be terraformed into a “new Earth” for humanity in the future.

Though you rarely see them as you go about your day, your bones really are an amazing display of God’s creative power at work!

Rain brings benefits that are easy to miss, and our world has been more intelligently designed and more finely tuned to take full advantage of the blessing of rain than most of us understand.

God promises an inheritance to His children more infinite than the sands of the earth or the stars in the sky!

For many people, the word “squirrel” evokes an image of a bushy-tailed, nut-gathering creature that makes its home in trees. However, there are more than 200 different species of squirrels found throughout the world. The Richardson’s ground squirrel is one of them—a squirrel that lives on and in the ground.

You may not realize it, but the remarkable design of human blood has played a crucial role in making life possible in at least five different ways—five tasks we all need blood to accomplish for us every day.

Is a virus alive or not? How do viruses work? How do they fit into the scheme of God’s creation?

Sponges can be found in marine environments throughout the world, from lakes and rivers to vast oceans, and from warm tropical climates to icy polar regions.

Many leafhoppers have caught the attention of scientists around the world, having proven themselves to be remarkable examples of mechanical engineering!