Sri Lanka

Colombo Brethren Outing

Sri Lanka Outing 2

On April 29, 2018, fourteen spirit-filled members from the Colombo congregation undertook an unforgettable 300km trip to the wonderful setting of
Habarana Wildlife Sanctuary, Sri Lanka. As our bus reached the wildlife bungalow in Habarana, we were greeted by different kinds of birds singing their own melodies. In addition to sumptuous meals, we had the time to have great fellowship on various topics connected to the creation as we watched the beautiful birds and other animals moving around. Habarana, Sri Lanka is also well known for its wild elephant population and elephant rides. We also had a wonderful sing-a-long session for a couple of hours before dinner. We discussed Feast of Tabernacles plans for 2018 on the next day followed by an enjoyable walk in the woods through the water streams and along the Habarana lake. We left for Colombo on May 1. – Kuma De Silva