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Cape Pillar (2)

“Tasman Island Cruises provides unforgettable three hour wilderness cruises along the spectacular coastline between Port Arthur and Eaglehawk Neck in southern Tasmania.

The cruise travels beneath the highest vertical sea cliffs in the Southern Hemisphere at Cape Pillar. Guests explore waterfalls, rock formations, archways and deep-sea caves.

The coastline is part of the Tasman National Park. It is home to a variety of wildlife including hundreds of seals, migrating whales and abundant sea birds in their thousands.

At any time of year you’re likely to see the feeding frenzy of diving gannets, albatross and sea eagles wheeling on the wind, cliff-nesting cormorants and peregrine falcons, or a pod of playful dolphins surfing the bow wave of the boat.

Direct Quote from the Tasman Island Wilderness Cruise Site, Click to see more!


“Join our half-day (4.5-5 hour) Rack and Gorge tour and take a heritage steam train journey through remote rainforest to the incredible King River Gorge, turning at Dubbil Barril before returning to Queenstown.

As you travel through the west coast’s cool temperate rainforest, you will climb one of the Southern Hemisphere’s steepest tracks under the unique power of the Abt Rack and Pinion system. This system was designed in the seventeenth century and transformed the fortunes of the west coast during the late nineteenth century, and the only operating Abt rack and pinion railway in the Southern Hemisphere.

Stop at remote train stations, traverse the deep chasm of the King River Gorge, and see the places where early west coast pioneers lived and worked to create this extraordinary railway.

During your experience, your guide will share stories of the determined and visionary people who carved out their fortunes in one of the most difficult and remote landscapes imaginable. Hear tales of the rogues and rivalry that led to the creation of the richest copper mining company in the world and marvel at how nature has prevailed through it all.”

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Queenstown Train
Cradle mountain

“The imposing summit – the fifth highest in the state – stands supreme above Dove Lake, which provides the classic Cradle Mountain view. The ridges and peaks around the lake, meanwhile, add new angles to the panorama.

This one mighty mountain, which rises at the northern end of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, is just the starting point to the area’s wilderness experience. Alpine lakes lie scattered across the landscape, riverbanks are cloaked in rainforest, and wildlife is prolific along the trails and around visitor areas.

Cradle Mountain is a place for all seasons, beaming through summer (with occasional unexpected snowfalls), gleaming white in winter, and glowing golden in autumn when the deciduous fagus turns in colour on the slopes above Dove Lake.”

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Day 4: Sabbath and TWP


 Enjoy the Rest Day Sabbath and TWP in the city of Devonport. Fellowship with the Tasmanian Brethren and join them for a Sabbath evening meal.


“Fly above the tree tops of our beautiful blue gum forest, across the valley and Piper’s River at 50 metres above ground. Our fully guided, 2.5 hr zipline canopy tour start with gearing up and training, before a 10-minute walk to the launch zone. Our guides will lead you on an exhilarating journey, comprising six ziplines totalling almost one km.

In the canopy, zipping from tree to tree, and culminating with our longest ride stretching 400 metres, you’ll learn about Hollybank forest’s unique ecosystem as your tour guides lead you to each timber platform.

This premium zipline canopy adventure is a one of a kind experience, not to be missed.”

Direct Quote from the Hollybank Website, Click to See More!

Hollybank also offers Mountain Biking, Segway Tours and Tree Rope Courses!

Proposed Itinerary

Tuesday –  20th Feb  

  • Fly into Hobart (Anytime Tuesday)
  • Stay the night in Hobart

Day 1: Wednesday –

  • Go on the Tasman Island Wilderness Cruise
  • Drive to Strahan / Queenstown
  • Stay the Night in Strahan / Queenstown

Day 2: Thursday – 

  • Go on the Western Wilderness Railway
  • Spend the Rest of the Day going to Lookouts or Iconic Places 
  • Stay the night in Strahan / Queenstown

Day 3: Friday – 

  • Go to Cradle Mountain, spend the day doing either Marion’s Lookout walk or the Dove Lake Circuit.
  • In the late afternoon, drive to Devonport for the Sabbath.

Day 4: Saturday – 

  • Spend the Sabbath with the Tasmanian Brethren and hold a TWP.
  • Have a Sabbath evening meal with brethren.

Day 5: Sunday 25th – 

  • Drive to Hollybank and spend the day there.
  • After spending the day at Hollybank, we will drive back to Hobart to arrive at the airport around 7pm
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