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A Tale of Two Pentecosts

Wallace Smith

Lessons for Pentecost from Ruth

Peter Nathan

Are We the Church of That Pentecost?

Wallace Smith

The Healing of the World

Bruce Tyler

What is God's Spirit and What Does it Mean for You?

Mike DeSimone

Engage in the Power of God's Spirit

Wallace Smith

Pentecost and Our Family History

Rod McNair

Pentecost: The Spiritual Beginning

Davy Crockett

Pursue Holiness

Wallace Smith

Being of One Mind

LCN May-Jun 2017

Necessity of the Holy Spirit

LCN May-Jun 2016

What Does Pentecost Mean to You?

LCN May-Jun 2020

Prepare for Pentecost

LCN May-Jun 2012

Pentecost: Lessons from the Old Testament Church

LCN May-Jun 2010

The First New Testament Pentecost

LCN May-Jun 2015

The Gift of a Truly Sound Mind

LCN May-Jun 2020

Pentecost - Why Count 50 Days?

LCN May-Jun 2018

The Spirit of Pentecost

TW May-Jun 2010

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