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Two MAIN Reasons
HIV / AIDS Started

Weekly Member Update - April 30th

Science Will Not
Save the World!

"Why All the
Bad News?"

Update - Thai Foundation & Church Events

Holy Days &
Regional Reports

When Will
America Fall?

More Black Swan

Why God is Allowing
this Pandemic!

Keeping Passover

Social Distancing Must
Be Taken Seriously

Update on the Work of God and Mr John Strain

The Promises of God... Know What They Are
and Claim Them!

Three Keys for Staying Productive during
Shelter-In-Place Orders

Bible Says, Don't
Speak Evil
of Dignitaries

This Pandemic Is Traced Back to Unclean Animals

Weekly Update 2

Respecting Government Officials

Making Decisions With Counsel in Tough Times

A Challenge
to Vapers

Comfort the Children During This Pandemic

We Need to
Repent of Sin