Feast of Firstfruits Art Activity

Group A - Ages 6-11

“The Farm” 
by Gabriel Cara (9) 
Baguio City, Philippines

The golden crops represent the first crop or the firstfruits and to be harvested on the day of Pentecost. The green crops represent the second crop of the field. They are not yet ready for the first harvest and will wait for their time to be harvested.

“In My Father’s Vineyard”
by Rianne Chloe So (9)
Quezon City, Philippines

Group B - Ages 12-17

“Ruth and the Sheaf of the Wave Offering”
by Amanda So (13)
Quezon City, Philippines

The day of Pentecost pictures the smaller harvest of the church in this age – those whom God calls as the redeemed firstfruits.

By Cherokee dela Cruz, (14)
Quezon City, Philippines

This is a digital art showing the people of God gathering their best harvests.

The Shadow & the Reality (colored pencil)
by David Zachary Malonjao (14)
Quezon City, Philippines

“Their Time Will Come”
and the peaceful life that ensues after 
by Bowen Ezekiel Pinili (13) 
Quezon City, Philippines

By Chrysler dela Cruz (13)
Quezon City, Philippines

The watercolor painting shows the people of God working together to gather the firstfruits as offering.

Group C - Ages 17 & Above

By Chevy dela Cruz 
Quezon City, Philippines

This is a painting of a little girl carrying a basket of first fruits, offerings and loaves of bread.

“The Wicked and the Wise in the First Resurrection. The Wise in the Day of Pentecost and Feast of First Fruits.”

By Irene Flores 
Quezon City, Philippines

Childlike Faith and
The Gift of Holy Spirit
by Janice Gonzales
Quezon City, Philippines

A child holding onto the precious firstfruit harvest, depicting the Bible verse in Matthew 18:3, “Unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.”

“Season of Harvest” 
by Jennifer Yap
Quezon City, Philippines

“Season of Harvest” with a cheerful girl looking at the colourful fruits in the basket

By Rouella Christina Fajardo 
Quezon City Philippines